Free dental implant consultation

At Taylor Dental Implants and Aesthetics Dr Mark Taylor offers new patients who have suffered from tooth loss free dental implant consultations.

Regardless of whether you have suffered from single, multiple or total tooth loss, at Taylor Dental Implants and Aesthetics on the Gold Coast we believe that everyone who is missing a tooth should have an opportunity to explore the option of dental implants. With this in mind, Dr Mark Taylor is offering free consultation for all prospective patients. Tooth loss can occur for a number of reasons, such as:

  • Oral trauma
  • Gum disease
  • Severe Decay
  • Extraction due to unsuccessful root canal treatment

If you have suffered from tooth loss it is important to seek appropriate treatment as soon as possible as tooth loss can impact on the health and appearance of your smile. Some negative impacts that can start to occur after tooth loss include:

• The development of a distorted bite as your remaining teeth begin to migrate to fill the space caused by tooth loss
• Jaw bone deterioration
• Gum recession
• A slackened or changed facial appearance caused by tooth loss and jaw bone degeneration

To remedy these concerns at Taylor Dental Implants and Aesthetics we offer our patients a number of dental implant treatment options. These include:

• Single tooth replacement

During this treatment, Dr Mark Taylor will use a single dental implant to form a solid foundation for your crown restoration. This technique is minimally invasive and does not impact on the integrity of your remaining natural teeth.

• Implant Over-dentures

At Taylor Dental Implants and Aesthetics we have a solution to the discomfort, pain and inconvenience associated with wearing their traditional dentures. Our treatment can be used to secure your dentures, offering stability and confidence for patients.

• Multiple Tooth Replacements

Our multiple tooth replacement treatment plans can include a range of approaches including:

• Dental Implant Supported Crowns
• Removable Implant Supported Dentures
• Removable Overdentures on an Implant Bar
• Fixed Implant Supported Bridges
• Immediate Tooth Replacement with Implant

Dr Mark Taylor will work with you to design a treatment plan that fits your smile, lifestyle and budget.

• Immediate tooth replacement with implant

If you do not have the time and patience for a traditional dental implant restoration, this swift solution may be the most appropriate choice for you.

To find out more about the dental implant solutions Dr Mark Taylor offers, or to arrange your free consultation at his Gold Coast practice, please contact us.

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