Each tooth plays a significant role in your oral health; so it’s advisable you replace any missing tooth soon as possible.

single-tooth-replacement-gold-coast-southportIf you have suffered tooth loss that isn’t noticeable when you smile, you may be tempted to put off replacing that tooth.  However, did you know that there is a correlation between tooth loss and your oral health?

  • A single lost tooth can cause your existing teeth to migrate from position and this can eventually lead to a distorted bite.
  •  Your teeth help stimulate your jawbone when you chew or bite.  However, with the the tooth loss the alveolar bone which anchors the teeth in the mouth, no longer receives that stimulation, and so begins to deteriorate. Usually, bone loss occurs within the first eighteen months and continues throughout a person’s life.  Eventually, this can lead to irreversible health and lifestyle consequences.
  • A single tooth loss can also put a strain on the surrounding jaw muscles possibly leading to regular headaches and migraines.

So, the sooner you address your tooth loss issues, the better your chances of preventing or reducing short and long term adverse consequences.

The most effective solution to replacement of tooth loss is a crown supported by a dental implant.

dental-implant-single-tooth-replacementThis method offers long lasting restoration with a success rate of over 98% for patients with dental implants (data tested and gathered from patients who have had dental implant treatments for a period of 10 years). Dental implants don’t only fill the gaps, they can also restore shape to the patient’s facial structure and promote positive oral health.

Dr. Mark Taylor utilises a single dental implantation method to form a solid foundation, and the end result is it will look and function like your natural tooth.  The great thing about this technique is that a single dental implant placement is minimally invasive and does not impact on the integrity of your remaining natural teeth.

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