Can’t decide if you should replace your missing teeth? Restore functionality and appearance to your smile with dental implants at Taylor Dental Implants

Robina Quays dental implant expert, Dr Mark Taylor has been practicing dentistry and dental implants for the Gold Coast and London for over 22 years.

Dr Taylor understands tooth loss can sometimes be a bit of a disappointing outcome to situations.  Here at Taylor Dental Implants, we want to ensure you have all the information you need to restore your oral health. The following article offers a comprehensive approach to any questions you may have about your tooth replacement needs starting from the basics – what a dental  implant is; all the way to different treatment methods of replacement.

Q: what is a dental implant?

A: A dental implant is needed when a patient has lost one or more teeth. They use a miniscule piece of titanium as a replacement for the missing tooth root and by way of osseointegration, the titanium material bonds to the jawbone – creating a perfect root imitation.

After the imitation tooth root is bonded comfortably to the jawbone, a crown specifically matched to the naturally tooth is designed and attached to the titanium root.

Q: who can get dental implants?

A: If you’re missing one or more teeth, it is likely you could be a candidate for dental implants. In some situations, additional treatments could be needed to ensure you oral health is in fair condition. As long as you have generally good health, with healthy gums and bones, you should be able to have the treatment.

If you’re unsure your health is in a positive place, book a FREE consultation with Dr Taylor in Robina. He is committed to giving the community the opportunity to restore their smile.

Q: how long do they last?

A: Your dental implants should be cared for in basically the same way as natural teeth! As long as you are brushing twice daily, flossing and having regular check-ups every 6 months, your dental implants have the capacity to last a lifetime.

Q: why should I choose dental implants over other methods?

A: Although there are other treatment options for tooth replacement, dental implants have a success rate of over 95% and in comparison to removable dentures and bridges; dental implants shouldn’t damage your jawbone density, the health and strength of your gums or the adjacent or remaining natural teeth.

Q: do I really need to replace my missing teeth?

A: This is a relatively common question for us here at Taylor Dental Implants and the short answer is YES! Having missing teeth isn’t only an aesthetic issue. It also impedes on oral health problems that could develop into a number of different things:

  • Adjacent teeth shift – attempting to fill the gap where the other tooth had been
  • Remaining teeth become misaligned
  • The gums where the tooth is missing from become infected
  • Receding gums due to lack of stability
  • Waning jaw bone density – if the jaw isn’t filled and you don’t replace the tooth the bone begins to recede

Q: can I only replace one tooth at a time or are there other treatment options?

A: Here at Taylor Dental Implants we offer a range of different tooth replacement options whether it is for single, multiple or full jaw replacement. The treatments we offer include:

  • Single tooth replacement
  • Over dentures
  • Multiple tooth replacement
  • Immediate tooth replacement

Using the implant technology of the Mectron Piezo surgery touch and 2 out of the 4 different implant systems used worldwide, Dr Taylor is dedicated to providing his patients with the latest and greatest implant methods available in dentistry today.

Do you still have more questions?

Book in for a free consultation with us today at Taylor Dental Implants in Robina on 07 5591 2661 and find out how we can restore your oral health to a beautiful, natural and full smile!

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